Coaching Services

coachingPersonal Training

Whether your goal is to be FAST for Racing or FIT for Life (or BOTH!), our personal training sessions are the perfect place to start. We work with goal-driven runners, triathletes, people looking to change body composition, Moms (& Dads) who want to keep up with their kids, and everyone in between. After an initial assessment, we begin designing a program suited for you that will keep you challenged & on a path toward your goals.


laptopOnline Coaching

We design customized training programs for endurance athletes and goal-oriented individuals who desire additional structured workouts for the days they aren’t coming in for personal training sessions.  From an initial assessment of current fitness level, athletic background, and a goals discussion, we begin creating a training plan suited to an athlete’s needs and abilities.  As the athlete progresses, feedback is received through direct communication and data analysis, and adjustments are made throughout the training period to optimize performance.  Daily workouts are delivered via TrainingPeaks online program and can be received via daily email, accessed via online login or from an app on your mobile device.


strengthGroup Strength Classes

Our group strength class, FASTrength, is a small group program designed to make you stronger, faster and less prone to injury as a runner and/or triathlete. As an endurance athlete, strength, running form and flexibility are critical to performance, but are often neglected in a training program. FASTrength incorporates appropriate strength and core exercises necessary for improving balance and sport-specific strength. In FASTrength, the emphasis is on proper form and mechanics with all running drills, dynamic warm-up movements and strength movements to allow for maximum productivity.


trackTrack Workouts

FASTrack, our outdoor track program, is designed to help you get faster by improving your mechanics and running form.  Each track workout includes a dynamic warm-up, drills to improve your form, and interval runs.  FASTrack runs from early May through the Chicago Marathon, and on an ‘as weather permits’ basis from November through April.


nutritionNutrition Counseling

Our nutrition consultation services are customized to fit our your needs. From athletes who are looking for nutrition guidance to optimize performance to busy executives who are seeking healthy solutions to fit their jet-setting weekly travel schedule, we will help you understand the food choices that are right for you. Our packages can include one-off consultations, grocery shopping trips, whole food education, meal plans, in-home cooking demonstrations, and more.