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Our first post is a video playlist of Fast and Fit Coaching’s Six Favorite Strength Training Exercises for Athletes. Here’s their summary:

Off season. Time to relax, reacquaint yourself with your couch & catch up on all of the TV shows that everyone has been talking about for the past 8 months while you were training. Not so fast.

Pre-season, which is what we prefer to call this phase of the training season, is the perfect time to get back to strength training. More likely than not, you have developed some imbalances over the course of the training season that should be addressed before they lead to an injury. And, we all know that strength training & prehab exercises are the first thing to be dropped from a training program when the competitive season starts, and it’s difficult to find the time to get in all of the run (and/or swim and bike) workouts. Building strength in the pre-season can help improve performance & keep you injury-free next season.

We’ve chosen six of our favorite strength exercises for runners and triathletes — all can easily be adapted to do at home — to help get you FAST for Racing & FIT for Life.  |



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